More of today’s Cami Anderson fiasco in Washington, D.C.

Update: I’m told the organizers of this were PULSE, NJ Communities United on behalf of the Newark Student Union, AFT, and the Advancement Project-a civil rights organization based in DC.

We now have more from today’s extraordinary moment in Washington D.C., where Cami Anderson spotted Newark parents and students before her presentation at the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, and tried to have them thrown out You can read more from our earlier post.

Now we have video of what happened after Cami Anderson and her Newark associate tried to have security remove them, ultimately apparently fleeing the room herself, and causing AEI to abruptly cancel.

A delegation of about 40 Newark community members including Parents Unified for Local School Education  (PULSE), Newark Students Union, NJ Communities United were there, after Anderson spurned repeated efforts to address their concerns in Newark. After Anderson fled the room, the students stayed behind and told the remaining audience how they see her tenure as Christie’s state-appointed Newark Superintendent.

There are a few chaotic moments in what the students stayed behind to say, some talking over each other. Breeze past that – this wasn’t scripted – and let the fact of who these young adults are becoming, the leadership they are taking on in the absence of Anderson’s. They take my breath away. This is the “security threat” they were so worried about. At 2:22 American Enterprise Institute turns the lights out on them.

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  1. dbkurz415

    These Students, Parents and Community Members are Heroes. They ought to be honored for having the audacity for showing such enterprising behavior. They followed the arrogant superintendent that is destroying their district, terrorizing their mentors and teachers and openly disrespecting them to a political forum in the nation’s capital. They proved to all of us that active, informed citizens in a free society, who are willing to work hard to speak Truth to Power, will not be ignored and treated with contempt. These Newark residents are networked, they’re mobile, they’re savvy, and they’re angry. Anderson learned an important lesson today: her tyranny, her arrogant rule, is not national in scope, and does not void the Bill of Rights. Her behavior today demonstrated that she is not a Lion of a Reformer but a Pipsqueak of a Bully.  


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