Election November 4, 2014

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Revised through early Wednesday morning:


U. S. Senate  

Booker (D)

House of Representatives

Norcross (D-01), LoBiondo (R-02), MacArthur (R-03), Smith (R-04), Garrett (R-05), Pallone (D-06), Lance (R-07), Sires (D-08), Pascrell (D-09), Payne (D-10), Frelinghuysen (R-11), Coleman (D-12)

Republicans gain control of the U. S. Senate.  Republicans 52, Democrats 44, Independent 1 and still undecided 3.

WE WILL HAVE SIX DEMOCRATS AND SIX REPUBLICANS IN OUR DELEGATION (no change in the balance). We are proud of having the first NJ African-American woman congressperson Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12). The other new members of our delegation are Donald Norcross (D-01) and Tom MacArthur(R-03).

Below the fold: Updated Election results


  • Each NJ Congressional District: Who won in the prior 2012 election and by how many points over the challenger, and the most recent poll where available, plus individual winner projections.

  •  The one U. S. Senate race: 2013 results, the most recent poll, and projected winner. (No surprise here.)

  •  National U.S. Senate: Current Senate party membership split, number necessary for Republicans to take control, with an overall projection.

  • National House of Representatives: Current House party membership split, and an overall winner projection.

  •  National Governors: Current party membership split, and overall projection.    


    2013: Booker (D) won in a Special Election + 12  points.  

    2014: Poll: (Monmouth 11/3) Booker + 14 points

    Incumbent Cory Booker (D) 956,783+ 14 points vs. Jeff Bell (R) 717,173

    Projected Winner: Booker (D)


    CD 01  2012: Rob Andrews (D) won + 38 points

    2014: open – Donald Norcross (D) 86,586 +18 points vs. Gary Cobb (R) 60,088

    Projected winner: Norcross (D)

    CD 02  2012: LoBiondo (R) won + 18 points.

    2014: Poll (Stockton 10/28) LoBiondo + 19 points

    Incumbent Frank LoBiondo (R) 103,953 + 25 points vs. William Hughes, Jr. (D) 62,110

    Projected winner: LoBiondo (R)

    CD 03  2012: Jon Runyan (R) won + 8 points

    2014: open – Poll: (Stockton 10/29) MacArthur (R) + 5

    Tom MacArthur (R) 95,166 +11 points vs. Aimee Belgard (D) 75,972

    Projected winner: too close to call

    CD 04  2012: Smith (R) won + 28 points

    2014: Only 71% of precincts reported: Incumbent Chris Smith (R) vs. Ruben Scolavino (D)

    Projected winner: Smith (R)

    CD 05  2012: Garrett (R) won + 12 points

    2014 Poll: (Monmouth 10/30) Garrett + 11

    Incumbent Scott Garrett (R) 100,355 +13 points vs Roy Cho (D) 77,559

    Projected winner: Probably Garret (R) but Cho (D) is still in the mix

    CD 06  2012: Pallone (D) won + 28 point

    2014: Only 85% of precincts reported: Incumbent Frank Pallone (D) 59,244 + 25 points vs. Anthony Wilkinson (R) 35,448

    Projected winner: Pallone (D)

    CD 07  2012: Lance (R) won + 18 points

    2014: Incumbent Leonard Lance (R) 102,919 +20% vs. Janice Kovach (D) 67,253

    Projected winner: Lance (R)

    CD 08  2012: Sires (D) won + 60 points

    2014: 97% of precincts reported: Incumbent Albio Sires (D) 57,954 + 58 points ) vs. Jude Tiscornia (R) 14,315

    Projected winner: Sires (D)

    CD 09  2012: Pascrell (D) won + 50 points

    2014:  Incumbent Bill Pascrell 76,690  +38 points vs. Dierdre Paul (R) 33,918

    Projected winner: Pascrell (D)

    CD 10  2012: Payne (D) won + 78 points  

    2014: 98% of precincts reported: Incumbent Donald Payne, Jr. (D) 93,395 +72 points vs. Yolanda Dentley (R) 13,842

    Projected winner: Payne (D)

    CD 11  2012: Frelinghuysen (R) won + 18 points

    2014: Incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen 105,506 +25 points (R) vs. Marc Dunec (D) 63,070

    Peojected winner: Frelinghuysen (R)

    CD 12  2012: Rush Rush Holt (D) won + 40 points

    2014: open – Bonnie Watson Coleman 86,578 + 24 points (D) vs. Alieta Eck 52,672 (R)

    Projected winner: Coleman (D)  

    In the race there are 12 Democratic, 12 Republican and 25 Independent candidates. Projection: Democrats will win at least six seats but no more than eight. No Independents will win.

    U. S. SENATE

    Currently there are 53 Democrats, 45 Republicans, plus 2 Independents who caucus with Democrats. Republicans need 6 more Senators to gain control of the Senate, and it appears they will succeed. Republicans did succeed. As of Wednesday morning there are 52 Republican, 44 Democratic, 1 Independent and 3 seats still undecided.


    Currently there are 233 Republicans, 199 Democrats, and 3 vacancies. As of 8:00 am Wednesday there are 242 Republican, 174 Democrat, and 19 undecided. There are many close races but it appears Republicans will make a gain of of five to ten seats.    


    There are currently 29 Republicans, 21 Democrats, and  0 Independents. With four seats still undecided, as of Wednesday at 8:00 am Republicans have gained net two seats.

    Projection: In spite of close races and over $100 million in RGA donations it seems that Christie’s efforts will not make much if any of an overall Republican gain.


    2012 House results.

    2013 Senate Results.  

    Also see here, and here.


  • Comments (15)

    1. Rosi Efthim

      #GovChristie has put out his first statement of the night congratulating @GovHaleySC on her win tonight

      It was sooooooo worth Christie ignoring NJ problems for all those weeks/months.  

    2. Rosi Efthim

      #GovChristie has put out his first statement of the night congratulating @GovHaleySC on her win tonight

      It was sooooooo worth Christie ignoring NJ problems for all those weeks/months.  

    3. Rosi Efthim

      AP & CNN both calling race for Senate. Reporters describing the ballroom and media set-up at Jeff Bell’s party are tripping on themselves trying to say “moribund,” “deadly,” “sleepy” and “sad-assed” without using any of those words.  

    4. Rosi Efthim

      This is the guy Chris Christie spent so much damn time with in Pennsylvania, instead of doing his damn job in New Jersey.  

    5. Bob h

      is split between Freilinghuysen’s and Pascrell’s districts.  Turnout was the heaviest I have ever seen it, and the poll workers said it was busy all day.  Don’t know what that means, but little complacency on display.

    6. Rosi Efthim

      Politico’s Kevin Robillard reporting: With 22% reporting, GOPer Tom MacArthur leads Democrat Aimee Belgard, 60% – 39% in NJ-3.  

    7. Rosi Efthim

      From a national labor email:

      Congrats to #DonNorcross4NJ on becoming the first #IBEW electrician in Congress since 1922

    8. Rosi Efthim

      He says he wants to hear from people. Got something to say? Say it here.

    9. Rosi Efthim

      Scott Brown Loses Second Senate Race — In Second State — Over Past Two Years

    10. Rosi Efthim

      … unrelated to election day:

      Montclair and Trenton pass earned sick days.  

    11. Rosi Efthim

      is conceding right now.

      I can’t watch.

    12. Rosi Efthim

      A bright spot. So glad Jim Tedesco won the Bergen County Exec race.  


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