Deep Thought: Why Will Christie Keep Day Job While Running For President?

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It seemed sort of odd that Chris Christie would say he’s going to keep his job as Governor of New Jersey even if he decides to run for President.  There’s NJ and federal rules against certain moneyed folks donating if he’s Governor, and then there’s the pesky reality that when out of state a NJ Governor has no authority or power and to run for President you have to be in a lot of other places.

The only thing I can figure is Christie thinks he himself is a longshot for the nomination, and he doesn’t want to give up his day job.

So all you donors out there clamoring to give him cash, keep this in mind: Chistie is hedging his bets, which means maybe you should not bet at all.

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  1. firstamend07

    Christie will resign when he announces.

    Christie WILL announce.

    He put out this story for one reason and one reason only. HE NEEDS TO STAY RELEVANT IN NJ RIGHT NOW!

    It is that simple.

    If he said he would resign then he would be making himself a lameduck and he cannot afford to be ignored right now.

    Everyone believes he is going to run. Everyone knows he will announce before springtime. The only question is will he resign. If he said he would resign then no one will need to deal with him anymore since they would know he was leaving.   That would make him look bad nationally .

    This decision to ” announce” he will not resign is simply smart politics.

    Like him or not ,he is a masterful politician.

    He will resign because he has to resign. He cannot campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire while staying governor here. He would get killed by the press and the people, and the other candidates . People would question his commitment.

    Christie is not hedging his bets. He is playing poker with a straight face and many ( NOT ME !) are falling for it.    


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