Christie’s RGA Work: To What Avail?

Governor Christie has been spending the majority of his time out of state. Ostensibly his efforts are on behalf of the Republican Governors Association and directed at increasing Republican gubernatorial seats. You might even think that with President Obama’s low approval rating and the Republicans poised to make inroads in the U.S. Senate and House that Christie’s effort is bound to be successful.

Here are the projections for the national governors races from the Election Projection website. There are currently 29 Republicans, 21 Democrats, and  0 Independents. According to projections the elections will result in 29 Republicans, 20 Democrats, and 1 Independent. Thus the net change would be Republicans 0, Democrats -1, and Independent +1.

To look at the races in more detail, there are 22 Republican contested seats in which they are projected to gain four seats and lose four seats, with 0 change. There are 14 contested Democratic seats in which they are projected to gain three seats and lose four seats. The one Democratic loss goes to an Independent.  

Of course, there may be slight changes with the final results Tuesday. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that in a cycle when Republicans are likely to do well nationally, Christie has both sacrificed his job at home and failed to provide any bonanza for Republican governors. Maybe the only bonanza has been an opportunity for him to campaign for the presidency – a race in which his likelihood of success seems to be diminishing.    

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