Cami Anderson has Newark parents & students thrown out of a speech at a right-wing D.C. think tank

Cami Anderson, hand-picked by Gov. Christie to oversee the privatizing of Newark public schools was scheduled to speak today at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington D.C..

Cami Anderson LIARAccording to AEI’s website, that event, which would have been concluding right now, was abruptly canceled.

According to reports appearing now on social media, Newarkers from Newark Students Union, and NJ Communities United traveled down to D.C. for her speech at AEI. When Anderson and her right-hand man Brad Haggerty spotted them in the audience, they were pointed out to security and escorted from the room. As Bob Braun correctly points out, she won’t talk to the children and parents of Newark in Newark, so the children and parents of Newark went to Washington to talk to her.

AEI calls that a “security breach” and just abruptly canceled her panel. Newark students:

Immediately after we were told to leave, we took control of the stage and told the audience Newark’s story from the student’s perspective. At this point we were treated with blatant hostility and forced to leave the private property. You could run, but you can’t hide! #ournewark

Newarkers have tried to get answers from Anderson at Board meetings and hallways, so now she avoids Board meetings and any chance of an unscripted moment. Students have staged sit-ins at the Board of Ed, and walk-outs because she’s ignored them. They’ve even invited Christie to address their concerns with a Newark Town Hall, which he declined with an insult to the teenage leader who asked him.

Let’s review: Cami Anderson evades every attempt to address the concerns of Newark parents and kids, and avoids the public meetings in Newark where she knows they’ll show up. But she’s got all the time in the world for a trip to D.C. to romance a right-wing, pro-business group, and sell them on her snake oil.

Cami Anderson is a disaster, and her very presence in Newark – let alone representing NJ in D.C. – is a disaster. She needs to go.  

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