Bonus QoTD: NJ As A Goodie Bag For The RGA

David Sirota continues to do fantastic work digging away at the conflicts and contributions between the Christie governmental apparatus and the Christie/RGA political arm fundraising efforts. For today’s latest piece about new conflicts, from his new piece, Chris Christie Raised Cash From New Jersey Contractors For Republican Governors Association, we get this Bonus QOTD:

But a conspicuous slice of this money has come from companies that have secured contracts from the Christie administration to perform work in New Jersey. Proponents of tighter campaign finance rules say this is no coincidence. In their telling, Christie is effectively using New Jersey as the goodie bag for companies willing to deliver funds to the association, or RGA, handing out taxpayer-financed state contracts as a reward for those who participate.

That’s your tax dollars at work financing the Christie political arm.

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