Apparently Obama Didn’t Ignore Buono Because of the First Letter in Her Name

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Ohhh, great news for the Cory Booker (D) campaign — President Barack Obama (D) taped a radio ad for Booker to help him overcome the 16 point lead he has over Jeff Bell (R).  

But gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono (D) got nothing last year from Obama, actually less than nothing since Obama took the time to hang out with Chris Christie (R) at the shore and take photos with him while declining to hold a fundraiser, meet with or do anything to help Buono.

The only reason people could think of was that Obama didn’t like people who’s last name started with B.  I mean, it couldn’t be support for frontrunners like Bill de Blasio (D) over in New York, wanting to be with winners and not giving support to long shots.

But now that Obama has backed Booker we know B be not the reason Buono got less than zero.  

I wonder what it was, then?

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  1. firstamend07

    Buono was a horrible candidate. She was unorganized and had a horrible campaign staff.

    She wanted to run as an outsider but bitched about not getting insider money.

  2. Erik Preuss

    Do you really think he, or other major democratic power brokers would have stayed out of the race if it had been at all close?

    I get the sense whenever I read anything related to Buono vs Christie, that everyone on here seems to think she would have won if not for her own party. That simply isn’t true. Yes her own party, especially in NJ, didn’t do anything to help her (and may have hurt her in some respects). But at the same time, that wouldn’t have been the case if she had run a good campaign. Dems in NJ would have been forced to get behind her if her race had been close. But at the end of the day she failed to fundraise, she antagonized the party’s brass by picking a state chair no one wanted, and then did herself more damage by publicly back-pedaling.

    I hate to re-hash all of this but the buono whining is insane. Yes she’s really smart, had very good ideas, and probably would have been a good governor. But none of that matters if you can’t get people to pay attention to your race. At the end of the day, she’s more responsible for losing than anyone else, and blaming the President for not attempting to rescue a campaign that was completely unsalvageable is silly.

    Also, it might be worth noting that Booker’s race may actually be closer than Buono’s. True he’s in no real danger of losing, but I’d wager the margin he beats bell by is less than the margin Christie beat Buono.


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