Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Oct. 25-26, 2014

Countdown: 9 Days

Roy Cho

  • More Roy Cho Surge in CD5:

    The Record endorses Cho: Time to jettison the “dogmatic conservative” for the Democrat with the “fresh look at politics”.

    The Jewish Standard endorses Cho: In a post called ‘Voting for the Candidate who shows up’ the Standard explains why they’re breaking their long habit of not endorsing.

  • Star-Ledger endorses Cho, too.
  • CD5: Cho, Garrett debate on the radio.
  • CD3: Amid bickering, 3rd district candidates decry bickering.

  • Camden County Freeholder: Kevin Riordan profiles 2 Republicans in an uphill flight.
  • NJSen: 5 things we learned from Booker and Bell’s debate.  
  • NJSen: Cory Booker’s debate prep stand-in.
  • CD11: Frelinghuysen, campaigning for 11th term, sits with The Record’s editorial board.


  • Judge halts sports betting from beginning at Monmouth Park on Sunday.

  • Post-Sandy, gentrification increases at the Shore.

  • 500 Unite HERE members protest outside Trump Taj Mahal.

    Inevitable Ebola Thread

  • ACLU demands Christie give legal reason for quarantining nurse who’s tested negative for Ebola.
  • Christie stands by mandatory quarantine for health care workers treating Ebola (video).
  • Newark passenger hospitalized with fever; Christie, Cuomo impose new Ebola quarantine policy.

    More Christie: dreaming of 2016 while failing 2014

  • Moran: Christie wrong again on minimum wage.

  • It’s not just GOP Gov candidates Christie’s spending NJ’s time on.

  • Christie’s Iowa speech Saturday sounded like early makings of a presidential pitch.

  • Stile: Iowa trips give Christie face time with donors, free media exposure and perhaps most important, an opportunity to further cement his links with Branstad.

    Clean Water Act was passed 40 years ago

  • And New Jersey’s still struggling to clean up its rivers, lakes and streams as the law requires.
  • More environment: Mercer County’s plastic bag fee referendum.

    Ledger wants your opinion:

  • Who’s done a better job, Christie or Obama? Results might surprise you.

    Baraka’s unsuccessful council candidates get city jobs

  • This summer, Patrick Council was named head of the Dept. of Parks and Rec. Luiz Lopes was named deputy mayor of community engagement.

    Top NJ Dems meet to plan for Clinton 2016

  • You know all the names. They’re getting the money – and everything else – ready early.  
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