Oh, so THAT’s why Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC dissed Aimee Belgard to plump up Don Norcross

crying-donkeyNow I get it: Why House Majority PAC pulled a quarter-mil or so out from under Aimee Belgard’s competitive race, and forked it over to Don Norcross’ sure thing.

I’m watching 3 races closely; Bonnie Watson Coleman, whose gutsy detailed position statements signal progressive intent, and Roy Cho and Aimee Belgard, who work mighty hard for every vote. At the other end of the merit scale is Norcross, whose candidacy is less about his own work than the good fortune of being somebody’s brother. His campaign has been arranged, and the way smoothed. Nothing against him. I wish him well in Congress. But, come on.

Then, I opened the mass email sent this morning by Nancy Pelosi:

THREE separate polls show Aimee Belgard TIED with her Republican opponent it screams at me in boldface. Aimee’s race is a TOP priority for Democrats.

Let’s review: Pelosi essentially controls HMP, on which her chance of ever being Speaker again rides.  She just pulled about $250k from hardscrabbling Aimee Belgard, whose opponent is a non-local who writes campaign checks to himself in the millions. Then, she writes all of us, begging for money to lift Belgard.

Tear your hair out all you want, but The National Journal has the poop on the quid pro quo. Six donations came in last month from unions and businesses tied to the House of Norcross. They total $270k; IBEW $100k, the law firm repping George Norcross $50k, Carpenters $50k, 3 IBEW locals together $70k.

Carpenters did not even endorse Aimee Belgard in CD3. They endorsed self-financed GOP insurance exec from North Jersey Tom MacArthur.

So. Norcross gets his minions to write big checks to HMP. And they swung about a quarter mil – nearly dollar-for-dollar – away from a competitive race that actually would add to their “Majority.”. And the fact Pelosi’s PAC paid for the ad signals to the Dem universe inside the Beltway that Don Norcross is a Democratic priority, so act accordingly – or else.

Welcome to our world, District of Columbia.

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  1. keepitreal

    I want to know who my money will be supporting.  

  2. marshwren

    i became a Green.  A more honest ad would have been one of those grainy, B&W cinema verita productions, panning the wasteland that used to be Camden, with happy-face shots of George and Donnie and Steve…and titled “BLIGHT”.  Not only on Camden, but the Democratic Party as well.

    The poisoned icing on this rancid cake is the Carpenters endorsing MacArthur–is that adding insult to injury, or just injury to insult?  So hard to tell any more…although one does wonder what it is about unbought, Democratic women candidates that scares the crap out of the Big Boy power brokers and bosses who call the shots…

    “I don’t know if the world is run by smart men who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who mean it.”  Mark Twain

  3. firstamend07

    Pelosi has not been a decent leader for years.

    The Dems need some new blood in leadership.

    She had her day.Time to move on.

  4. firstamend07

    The dems in D.C.are an old,stale brand.Pelosi is part of the staleness.

    Now they will lose the Senate on top of the House.

    It is time to move on from Pelosi and Reid and get some fresh leadership.


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