Sandy Recovery: Chris Christie’s Achilles’ Heel

Yesterday we saw the Governor blow up at a resident who had the nerve to try to get answers about why two years later, hundreds of millions of dollars are still waiting to be distributed to help put residents back in their homes. You can see him make the case in this video segment that Rosi posted earlier.

Instead of taking the question/criticism in stride, we saw typical Christie trying to shout down anyone who doesn’t parrot his meme. But the problem with this “heckler” is that he seems to have touched on the Governor’s Achilles heel according to Patrick Murray:

“We have to separate his controlled rants with what happened yesterday [in Belmar]. [Christie] got really angry, because the whole Sandy recovery is an Achilles’ heel for him because it hasn’t gone as well as it should have. His only saving grace is that most people in the state really don’t know that,” said Murray, referring to the Belmar heckler’s shouted comments that criticized the governor’s post-Sandy efforts. “[The heckler] was saying that the emperor has no clothes.”

For many years readers and writers at Blue Jersey have claimed the Emperor has no Clothes regarding many issues, but does the still struggling Sandy Recovery become the issue that makes it clear for the majority of voters?

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  1. Bob h

    would tell Christie that he’s such a big tough guy when he’s flanked by State troopers.  I don’t have the guts to do it myself.  This schtick is carefully calibrated to appeal to the authoritarian mindset of Republicans.


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