ICYMI: Audio of CD5’s only ‘debate’ & 3 huge endorsements for Roy Cho

We had all three of these in the Weekend News Roundup. But it was a gorgeous day outside, so maybe you didn’t see it. And this is a BFD. So here are 3 huge news organization endorsements for Roy Cho. And below the fold, audio of the only event Rep. Scott Garrett would agree to have with the now-surging Democrat Roy Cho. Star-Ledger excoriated Scott Garrett. The Record, go-to daily in CD5’s most populous county cites Cho’s “fresh look at government.” And The Jewish Standard, which hardly ever endorses anyone, says Garrett’s dismissal of an important invitation to meet voters “should have ramifications” on Election Day.

No matter how you feel about Scott Garrett, this is undeniable: After serving 12 monotonous years in Congress, he isn’t what you call a Tough Read.

Essentially, the Republican from New Jersey’s Fifth District was an ideologue from the rattletrap Far Right long before the Tea Party was ever conceived; he is a retrograde culture warrior who wants to eliminate a woman’s right to choose and not enforce anti-gay hate crimes; and he is a pint-sized government monomaniac who regards all cuts not merely as cost savings but as shimmering moral triumphs.

Star-Ledger: Roy Cho for Congress in the fifth district

Cho is a political novice. He does not have Garrett’s decades of government experience. What Cho does have is a fresh look at government. He speaks of the need for inclusive debate.

     – The Record: Cho in the 5th District

He did not take questions from the Jewish Community Relations Council, nor from the hundreds of people who went to Temple Israel in Ridgefield for the forum. He did not show up. Our report on the forum on page 8 accordingly is very one-sided. That’s not our choice. That’s Congressman Garrett’s.

Given the chance to come to address the Jewish community, Scott Garrett declined. Those of us who live in the 5th District will remember that on election day. We hope you do too.

– The Jewish Standard: Voting for the candidate who shows up

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