5 Reasons I urge you to back Roy Cho – Now.

#CHOmentum Online Flash Fundraiser for Roy Cho

If you’re looking for a place to throw some GOTV jingle, I recommend you get behind Roy Cho’s surging campaign. Today’s Team Cho’s 24-hour “flash fundraiser” – Fund the #CHOmentum.

Here are my reasons why I urge you to back Cho:

(1) Do it for Hurricane Sandy victims: It’s the 2-year anniversary. Garrett is dishonest, promoting himself as helpful to victims. In reality, he’s the only member of the NJ delegation who refused to sign a letter urging House leaders to act, and he was silent when his party’s Speaker Boehner delayed a vote. (He was against Katrina funding, too.) Star-Ledger calls him out – bigtime.

(2) Garrett’s destructive: He distrusts and undermines the very federal government he wants you to re-elect him to. That’s nuts.

(3) Newspaper endorsements, a near clean-sweep: The Record endorses, citing Cho’s “fresh look at government.”. Ditto Star-Ledger, Express-Times & Jewish Standard.

(4) Rain Hell down on the Tea Party: Rep. Scott Garrett is NJ’s worst in Congress, a Tea Party guy from before that was a thing. Boom.

(5) Send a message to the DCCC: Respect grassroots work. Not for nothing, but Team Cho got to within striking distance on their own. Even when House Majority PAC pulled funds out of Aimee Belgard’s race (DCCC’s only designated NJ Red-to-Blue race), did it go to Cho, whose climb merits support? Nope. It went to Norcross, whose race is pre-ordained by his brother’s power. F*@k that shite.

Give to Cho if you can. Today. He deserves it. And we deserve another fighter in the NJ delegation. GO.

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