Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Sept. 13-14, 2014

Ras Baraka on Christie: “I couldn’t imagine him being in charge of the whole country. We could be in trouble.”

  • Ras Baraka says any blame for failures in Newark Public Schools is

    on the “doorstep of the bureaucrats and Christie and the state” and not the people of Newark.
    He called “insulting and vulgar” Christie’s move to exclude him in the education of his city’s kids. Newark needs strong schools to spur economic growth, workforce investment and development in the city, something a potential presidential candidate should understand.

    Soft campaign for NJGov 2017

  • Steve Fulop begins to play in elections outside NJ, making a $500 donation to Martha Coakley’s bid for Massachusetts governor, whose supporters include a Boston billionaire who wants to build a 95-story casino complex in JC.
  • Phil Murphy is writing big checks to county Dems.


  • The Record backs raising judges’ mandatory retirement to 75.
  • 7 critical cases the NJ Supreme Court will decide this year.

    Campaign 2014

  • CD3: Insurance issues loom large in this race with GOP’s Tom MacArthur trying to indemnify himself from charges that the company he owned profited while denying claims to disaster victims with the non-comparable fact that Aimee Belgard once worked as an insurance adjuster.


  • An economic mess awaits the Legislature’s attention.


  • Heloooo, Chris Christie … 26% of the families in your home county are struggling, a big increase since the recession.
  • Nothing but bad economic news here in ChristieLand. Iowa, New Hampshire: Take note.
  • 1 family, 8 Atlantic City casino layoffs.

    Grandma’s pot is no cure all

  • Here’s a story that suggests some cultural problems in the NJ medical marijuana program’s interaction with older patients and with the lack of more specific instructions that may confuse some people.  
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    1. firstamend07

      Maybe he should try being a decent mayor first.


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