10 Tips Before Your Campaign Or Organization Hits Send On That Next Email

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This started as a rant yesterday on my Facebook page and turned into a more substantive, suggestive post at my JRS Strategies business blog.

Here are a few notes for those campaigns and organizations clogging up ‪#‎Email‬ Inboxes with end of the month solicitations (You Know Who You Are):

1.) Stop apologizing to me, clearly you’re not sorry because you keep emailing.

2.) Stop reminding me you keep emailing, I already saw the other 20 emails you sent without your reminder.

3.) Stop failing to include an unsubscribe button. At least give me the chance of not being overridden with your constant barrage of spam.

4.) Stop spamming me, making a fundraising ask is fine but sending the same email in the same format with the same content is not.

5.) Stop USING ALL CAPS IN YOUR HEADLINES, it only means I will delete your emails first.

6.) Stop sending out emails with glaring spelling errors and bad links, if you want me to take the time to read it you can at least take the time to proofread and check the links are working before you hit send… again. (I actually

received the same email with the same bad link 4 times)

7.) Start getting other campaigns emails so you can see what they are sending so yours doesn’t look EXACTLY THE SAME.

8.) Start telling me why I should give to you instead of just trying to scare me with your opponent.

9.) Stop shaming and insulting your donors, I get the idea of social pressure but some of these emails are ridiculous and frankly embarrassing.

10.) Stop using autofill fields for the name when your database is complete. Getting emails that say Dear Friend, or even better Dear __________, doesn’t inspire confidence in the donor that you will use their money wisely.

P.S. I’m not opposed to receiving email from candidates and organizations, I dislike receiving lazy copy cat emails that employ no larger campaign strategy.

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  1. Bill Orr

    Stop thanking me for my support. Although I’m on your Democratic mailing list it doesn’t mean I’ve donated or volunteered.

    Stop telling me you only have a few hours to meet some deadline. That’s not why I would donate to you.

    Stop trying to scare me into donating by focusing on the ills of Koch, Boehner and other similar types.

    PS I’m not opposed to donating, just to tiresome, repetitive, and inept asks.  



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