Star-Ledger’s stripped-down newsroom, saddest photo ever

We’ve had our differences with Star-Ledger editorial page editor Tom Moran. But this isn’t about that. We’ve sometimes excoriated the Ledger and sometimes lifted it up. It’s deserved both. But it’s not about that. We’ve bemoaned the celebritizing of politics, at the same time urging the jingle in your pocket should be spent on the live crinkle of the dead tree Ledger, as a statement of faith in the power of uncovering that it’s capable of. But this isn’t even about that, either. Damn it all, this is a sad photograph.

Posted by Moran on Facebook a little while ago and captioned:

Star-ledger newsroom, where pulitzers were won, being dismantled.

Star-Ledger Newsroom, Newark, dismantled

I’m so sorry to see this. Leaving aside new frontiers in reporting, new ways of digging, new media and all of it. This is where a lot of good people spent their work lives, late nights and daily deadlines. I love newsrooms, and hate to see this one stripped down to empty space and blots on the carpet where the desks used to be.

I hope Moran doesn’t mind me posting his Facebook photo here. Last time we spoke, it didn’t go well. I’ll take it down if he wants. But I thought it was important for people to see.  

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