PNJ Doubles Down On Blasting Democrats

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We know we just wrote on this issue, but Politicker followed up its condemnation of Democrats for not being able to “pry” away votes by accusing Democrats of not wanting to get the votes so they could score political points.  

At issue are the Republican Assembly members who voted for a bipartisan, unanimously passed bill regarding how the state reports debt information in June, but then voted against the same bill after the Governor vetoed it. Democrats continued to support the formerly bipartisan bill, while Republicans switched sides solely to back their party leader.  

First at 3:19 pm PNJ describes this as a case of Democratic weakness:

The Assembly this afternoon could not summon the necessary votes to override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of A961, as Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) prevented Democrats – some of them outraged – from peeling away an adequate number of his caucus members.

But later in a second story by the same writer at 4:32 pm the same situation is described this way:

In a calculated move desigend to make the GOP caucus look cowed by executive power, Democrats fell short of overriding Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of A961 …

Despite nothing happening between the two articles, which were published only 1:13:00 apart, the Democrats went from being weaklings who can’t even get their Republican colleagues to vote for bills they already voted for, to being mendacious partisan hacks who are willing to put on a show to slam the Governor even if it means tanking a bill they support.

Either the Democrats were trying but unable to get GOP votes, or they were staging a partisan show and hoping to get no GOP votes.  But it can’t be both, despite the same writer making both claims barely an hour apart.

Even worse is that there are no sources, anonymous or on the record or even suggested, for either view of the situation.  That the reporter writes it appears to be enough to make it the truthiness.

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  1. firstamend07

    Does anyone even care?

    This is inside the inside baseball!

    Everything that occurs in Trenton has a touch of politics.

    Pnj has to fill space and sometimes they ,like many other media venues, take some  liberties. Does anyone with any knowledge of politics even take this stuff seriously?

    The GOP members of the legislature should be embarrassed .But the truth is that these are people who cannot be embarrassed. They hitched their wagon to Christie and now are stuck with a governor who could care less about them.

    When he is gone they will then become 100% irrelevant in New Jersey ,instead of 90% irrelevant as they are now.


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