News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Sept. 22, 2014

New York sees the biggest climate march in history

  • And New Jerseyans by the tens of thousands were there.

    Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4

  • U.S. Senate: Menendez says Democrats will keep the majority in his house.
  • CD3 shakeup: A real horse race?
  • Perth Amboy: Control is at stake for Mayor Wilda Diaz, whose slate faces an ally turned foe.

    BETRAYAL Part 2

  • Bob Braun has some tough questions for NJEA on words like “”urban” and “Newark” and “Camden” that he expected to see discussed at NJEA’s convention.

    “That giant, inflatable Chris-Christie-for-president trial balloon is up in the skies again.”

  • That’s Will Bunch puncturing a hole in Christie’s balloon, and Morning Joe‘s at the same time.
  • Reality check on Christie’s assumption that his scandal problems are over.
  • Matt Arco on 6 U.S. Senate races Chris Christie really wants Republicans to win, enough that he takes time from governing his economically-failing state to stick his nose in.
  • Dave Weigel in Slate: Christie’s position? Better than ever.


  • Quintana calls for a Newark summit and discusses whether Ras Baraka can buck the Essex machine in next year’s leg races.


  • Over half-million more NJ residents now have health insurance.

    Proposed pipeline threatens state-preserved open space – why should we allow that?

  • The latest natural-gas pipeline project proposed to skirt through parts of New Jersey is uniting conservationists because they fear the route will cut a swath through the Sourland Mountain region, 41% of which has been preserved as open space or farmland.

    Expanded Urban Hope Act set to come before legislature today

  • Reworked legislation opens way for large networks of charter schools in Camden.
  • Jersey Jazzman: Why won’t @NJSenatePres Sweeney allow a transparent debate about charter schools?
  • teacherbiz: NJ Bizarro World:Where “choice” actually means “no choice”.


  • Older judges: Assembly panel to take up legislation raising retirement age to 75.  
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