Is there a Progressive ” Agenda” in NJ?

There is no question that Blue Jersey and its many contributors represent the current ” progressive thought” in this State.

As an avid reader of the commentaries over the years I  respect the depth of sincerity of the authors. I do not always agree but by reading I can often times understand better the ” cause” or ” causes”.

But over the past year I have seen a progressive lack of focus . The only thing that is a constant is a deep mistrust of the Governor.

I see no ” causes” . I see mostly venom.

Is venom the new Progressive cause?

Understand, this is not a criticism ,it is a sincere question.

So I ask, what would a Progressive future look like?  

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  1. vmars

    This is not a leadership site, but a melting pot. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of politics, and so you don’t get an “agenda” but what is interesting to people who write at any particular time.

    But on the front page recently are pieces on expanded background checks, registering to vote education reform, the Senate taking up Christie’s appointments (the previous were ALL on the front page as I wrote this), police body and car cameras, climate change, and a LOT on various campaigns all around these front page stories.

    In the diaries there are pieces about transgendered rights in the military, college hazing deaths, illegal immigration, urban poverty in NJ, a bunch of election stories, and a shitload of pieces by you slamming Fulop.

    So there’s lots of issues on people’s minds here.  You’re going to see a lot of Christie stories because he is the top elected official in the state and is likely running for President.

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    handcuffed to Joe D.


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