Conservative Mulshine Calls Iraq War “Greatest Strategic Mistake in US History”

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Star Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine has a piece calling on the US and Britain to address home grown Islamic extremism.

In it, he calls the Iraq war the greatest strategic mistake in US history:

That opportunity [for US citizens to join ISIS] was created by the greatest strategic mistake in U.S. history, the use of American military force to remove dictatorships in the Mideast under the mistaken theory that, given the vote, the citizens of those states would set up governments that have the best interests of the Western democracies at heart.

Mulshine is a conservative commentator, and so this is pretty strong. He’s also willing to take on other conservatives, so it’s not quite as strong as, say, Mary Cheney or Ron Paul saying it.

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  1. Bob h

    if this is what he was saying in 2002, but I suspect he was caught up in the war fever.


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