Shirk Week 2014

It’s Shark Week 2014 in the rest of the universe, it’s Shirk Week 2014 here in Jersey with this governor.

CWA produced this video, following Gov. Christie’s decision to try and ease himself out of the revenue crisis his poor economic policies brought us, pasting over his own failures with yet another self-serving “commission” (with bonus Reagan-think piece to impress 2016 GOP donors). Missing from this commission – of course – are any stakeholders in Christie’s unilateral decision to monkey with the pensions state workers have been paying into as agreed on for years. The group, hand-picked by Christie to deliver the result he demands, are in CWA’s estimation “super-wealthy people unlikely to have any clue as to what it means to live on a fixed-income.” Sounds about right. CWA demands the pension be fully funded, as promised, as required by law.

Here’s CWA’s take:

Christie didn’t only break his word when it came to funding the pension. He also broke the very law he signed and touted as a “major accomplishment.” Gone is the fanfare. Gone is the chest-thumping. And gone are the taxpayer-funded banners proclaiming the “Jersey Comeback.”


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  1. firstamend07

    What a cute and clever video !

    Glad to see that CWA is on the attack.


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