QoTD: “An Unemployed Congressional District”

Quote of the Day goes to Bill Hughes, candidate for Congress in CD2 against Frank LoBiondo:

South Jersey is not a Democratic congressional district. South Jersey is not a Republican congressional district. South Jersey is an unemployed congressional district. Atlantic County was just placed last among 372 metropolitan areas in job gains and losses! It is obvious new leadership is needed.

The quote, via his Hughes for Congress Facebook page was responding to the disastrous economic news as area residents bleed casino jobs by the thousands. And it was a call to action for his campaign.

South Jersey radio station SoJo 104.9 put together a list of the 20 towns hit hardest by casino closings. All but 3 (Sicklerville & Williamstown, CD1, Hamilton, CD4) are in LoBo’s district. Where’s LoBo on this? Blaming Obama in June. Google Frank LoBiondo and Atlantic City and the first thing that comes up – and it’s on his website – is a nearly 3-year old opinion that AC should be NJ’s only gaming destination, and trumpeting this:

“The $2.4 billion Revel resort is scheduled to open this spring, bringing with it significant excitement in addition to thousands of jobs.”

Awkward. I have no doubt that LoBiondo cares what happens. And no doubt that it will take more than a re-engaged longtime member of Congress – or a fresh-faced one – to repurpose AC.

But Bill Hughes potentially has something to run on here, if he supplies a vision for the region in addition to a complaint about where things stand. And he just might be working on that.  

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  1. dbkurz415

    Unemployment is the plague that continues to afflict New Jersey, and the Christie Administration has done zero to help the state’s jobless. Christie loves to tell teachers off and travel to exotic places like Iowa while his own constituents suffer needlessly due to his plain lack of ideas and initiative.  


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