News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Standing in for Rosi today so please let us know if we missed anything in the comments.

10 years ago today

  • 10 years ago today Jim McGreevey resigned as Governor of New Jersey.
  • The AP looks at where the former Governor is 10 years later.
  • McGreevey: ‘It’s been a messy journey, but I believe this is where I was always meant to be’
  • Christie’s Fracking Ban Veto Is Toxic

  • Star Ledger Editorial: Gov. Christie’s veto of fracking waste ban is toxic for N.J.
  • Union County Jail Won’t Hold Federal Detainees

  • Counties across New Jersey routinely hold immigrants on ICE detainers, keeping them incarcerated for up to 48 hours after they should have been released, solely so they can be turned over to the federal agency. Union County ended that practice of holding immigrants on Aug. 4, based on research from the county counsel.
  • There is much more news today below the fold…

    Bail Overhaul Legislation Signed

  • Gov. Christie signed part of a package of legislation Monday aimed at overhauling New Jersey’s bail system to make it easier to keep violent criminals in jail as they await trial and prevent nonviolent offenders from spending months behind bars just because they can’t afford bail.
  • More time for public input needed

  • The deadline looms this week for members of the public to voice their opinions on a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposal to swap land with PSEG Nuclear, a move which would give the utility the space it would need in the future to build a new reactor. The leader of one environmental group says the public needs more time to comment and a public hearing is needed before any final decision on the deal is made.
  • Essex Judge Deal Moves Forward

  • A deal to fill eight vacant judgeships in Essex County is back on again after Gov. Chris Christie dropped one of his former staffers from the list.
  • NJ Spotlight Looks At Why NJ’s Unfunded Liability For Retirees is $90 Billion and Rising

  • Mark Magyar explains how the funding gap grows because NJ continues to underfund pensions and covers retiree healthcare costs on pay-as-you-go basis.
  • NJ Supreme Court Says A Bomb Threat Doesn’t Need A Bomb

  • A robber who threatens to detonate a bomb can be convicted of a first-degree crime even if no explosives are actually found, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled Monday.
  • Trains with explosive oil traveling through North Jersey each week

  • Up to 30 trains, each carrying more than a million gallons of highly explosive crude oil in aging tanker cars, are transported into North Jersey neighborhoods from New York every week, according to documents obtained by The Record.
  • Don’t pierce or tattoo your pet

  • New Jersey lawmakers introduced a bill Monday that would consider the tattooing or piercing of a pet animal cruelty.
  • It’s Shirk Week

  • CWA marks Shark Week with their own take on Christie’s failure to take responsibility for anything.
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