Fred Astaire Would be Jealous

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Tom MacArthur’s latest attack on Aimee Belgard is disingenuous at best, and certainly misleading.

Aimee Belgard has asked Tom MacArthur to join her in a pledge not to privatize Social Security. MacArthur frames this as an “attack” on him, yet he has not responded to Belgard’s challenge. On his web site, he says, “Tom believes Social Security is a promise that must be kept to our citizens.  Americans who pay into the system should receive the benefits they earn and those benefits should keep pace with inflation.” Yet, he never unequivocally states that he opposes privatization and he never states that he supports Social Security for new workers.

(On the same web page, the MacArthur campaign perpetuates their falsehood that Belgard refuses to debate. I know of at least one debate that’s scheduled by the League of Women Voters.)

Privatization of Social Security would hurt recipients while filling the coffers of for-profit insurance companies. It’s a slippery slope to the GOP’s ultimate dream of eliminating the only safety net for millions of seniors.

Tom MacArthur may say that he “supports” Social Security. But his masterful dancing around the privatization issue would make Fred Astaire jealous.

Disclosure: I receive Social Security after having paid into the system for 45 years. And I’m a proud volunteer on Belgard’s campaign.

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  1. deciminyan (Post author)

  2. deciminyan (Post author)


    Glad to see that you’re reading Blue Jersey. Let’s continue the discussion here so that we’re not limited to Twitter’s 140 character sound bytes.

    Suppose Congress does privatize Social Security. But the name is preserved. Then Mr. MacArthur or any other politician can argue that the program has been “protected and preserved.” That’s why an unequivocal statement like “I will not vote to privatize any aspect of Social Security, for current recipients and for future recipients” is necessary.

    Of course, such an unambiguous statement from Mr. MacArthur would be welcome, but goes against his party’s quest to privatize. That’s not a bad thing. If Mr. MacArthur bucks portions of his party’s platform to the benefit of the American people, I would applaud him.

  3. deciminyan (Post author)

    After some badgering here and from others on Facebook, Tom MacArthur has provided the following statement:

    That’s progress. But what’s still ambiguous in MacArthur’s remarks is whether when he is referring to “Social Security”, he means the program for current recipients. I would have rather seen him add the phrase “for current and future recipients.”  

  4. Rivka Joseph

    Good Morning. I had to chuckle because I find that if anyone anywhere has a difference of opinion it is “trolling?”  Well I call it debate. Not everyone is CORRECT all the time Or WRONG all the time.  But the people that feel the need to delete any negative comments that may be correct in asking a question to me is beyond childish.

    I will say that about a month ago I went on Belgard’s site to ask about when she will confirm any debates. I was responding to another persons thread and within an hour poof!! It was gone. I decided to ask the same question the next day and poof!!! My post was gone AND I was blocked from posting anything at all on her site.

    Now on MacArthur’s site there is both positive, negative, snark, etc and nothing is removed for fear of “not looking perfect” and that says more to me about an honest debate than hiding other opinions.

    I am sure here there is a fair share of it all but I enjoy a good joust

  5. Rivka Joseph

    I need to make one more comment. IMHO  I think Ms Belgard’s star power is nill.  Last year she spent the entire time campaigning for her pals for freeholder, sheriff and clerk. Of course she had a lot at stake because if the candidate, Ms. Foster would have won the freeholder seat, Belgard would have not only become the freeholder director but the control would be democratic for the first time in over 20 years.

    Obviously the voters were not impressed with Belgard because every single person she campaigned with lost and lost big. We are talking double digit losses especially for her bid for freeholder director as Ms Foster lost by 20 percent.

    This race will be close in Burlco, but Ocean will no doubt in dbl digits be the win for MacArthur.


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