Catholic Church of Newark Throws a Bucket of Ice Water on ALS Victims

Diary rescue from the weekend, promoted by Rosi.

To me it looks like the ALS Bucket Challenge had jumped the shark, moving from a way to raise money to help people to becoming an Internet meme.   It’s still raising money, so good on them, but I wasn’t going to watch any more videos of it because it was getting old.

Then we get this news:

It looks like the Ice Bucket Challenge has run into trouble with the Catholic Church. The Newark Archdiocese told North Jersey pastors and Catholic school officials that holding them conflicts with church teachings by funding embryonic stem-cell research.

Seriously?  This is what they’re spending their time on?  Putting the stop to research to help people dying a horrid death?

Now that’s compassion.

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  1. Babs NJSD

    Unless the new Pope makes a strong statement otherwise, this is the rock solid stance of the Roman Catholic Church. Several years ago in DC I had to listen to Rep Chris Smith NJ-4 dramatically wax on and on for at least a half an hour (felt like 2 hours) over those poor innocent stem cells and those murderous scientists.  Oye!


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