Adult Leadership

It’s a well-known fact that Congress is dysfunctional. The Republican leadership behaves like a miffed three-year-old. “If you don’t play the game my way (i.e. stand in the way of progress), then I’ll take all my toys (i.e. shut down the government) and go home (i.e. take more vacation than any other Congress has in the past.)”

Given the child-like behavior of Speaker John Boehner, Louis Gohmert, Michele Bachmann and the rest of that crowd, it would be beneficial to elect some real adults to the House of Representatives – people who would earn their salaries and perks by actually working for the American people, regardless of political affiliation.

How does this premise of adult leadership apply to New Jersey’s Third Congressional District?

On the Republican side, we have Tom MacArthur, a Rollo the Rich Kid who parachuted in to the district to use his vast fortune to buy an open seat. MacArthur himself has said that he will spend whatever amount of money it takes to get elected. His childish campaign material rarely talks about his policies but rather taunts his opponent, Aimee Belgard, with misinformation on her record and features manipulated photographs of her showing dirt all over her face.

Aimee Belgard, on the other hand, exhibits the kind of adult leadership we need in Washington. As a minority member of the County Board of Freeholders, rather than being obstructionist, she works with the majority to get things done. Not all the things that she’d like – after all she’s still in the minority. But many improvements in the county, including more transparency, improved fiscal oversight, a better recycling program, and the rescue of a cherished nature center, are among her accomplishments on the board. And to everyone’s credit, while she and the GOP majority on the board may have ideological disagreements, all have kept the discussions civil and they treat each other with mutual respect. Isn’t that the kind of behavior we need in Congress?

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  1. dawnonit

    Well said

    This MacArthur guy has some nerve coming into our NJCD3 district trying to buy his way into our Congressional Representative seat. He doesn’t know our area at all. HOW can he possibly represent US? He has no concern about the parks or schools in our District, the people, the farms here. A mere passerby, Tom MacArthur has no roots here in NJDC3, and ZERO plans to stick around. Can he and his family even VOTE in our District?

    Moreover, Tom MacArthur’s now asking military families of Fort-McGuire-Dix to vote for him so can send them off to yet ANOTHER War. Who has the money for that? Will Tom MacArthur fund his campaign and a War too? Or will he expect America to borrow even more money from China to fund it? Have these military families not endured enough War already? And shouldn’t our military be defending American freedoms and American borders in the homeland?

    Tom MacArthur is an insult to us. At least Aimee Belgard is a long-standing neighbor deeply rooted in our community, sincerely caring about schools and parks her kids attend with ours. She serves our community.

    I researched both candidates and politely approached the two of them about concerning issues: Though my questions were bold, the Belgard campaign was friendly, knowledgable. committed to our communities and eager to cooperate in constructive Congressional progress. On the other hand, the Tom MacArthur office did not like the question I posed to his campaign and in a flustered flurry, proceeded to kick me out of his office citing it as “private property”. Well then…  

  2. Rivka Joseph

    Belgard the adult? Really? Adults don’t hide and they don’t have their ads taken down for lies do they?

    Please check your facts as we know they must be slanted for posting. MacArthur was never ever born rich or a trust fund baby. He made his money on his own.

    And if you think people are NOT AWARE that the DCCC is pouring tons of money to BUY the seat for Aimee. Think again

  3. Rivka Joseph

    Oh and ANOTHER sting for Belgard; MacArthur just got the ENDORSEMENT of the

    The last GOP they endorsed was Jim Saxton.  They have no trust in her.  Look for more coming lol


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