What is Tom MacArthur Afraid Of?

A couple of years ago, Joey Novick and I did a 40-minute video interview with Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, who has one of the most radically conservative voting records in the legislature. We asked some really tough questions on many issues. Carroll did not dance around the questions, the way many politicians do, and gave frank and honest responses.

So while I disagree on almost every issue with Carroll, I have the utmost respect for him. He’s not afraid of the tough questions and is principled in his opinions.

I can’t say the same for congressional candidate Tom MacArthur.

When I learned that he would be holding a press conference in nearby Moorestown, I thought it would be a good idea to drop in and ask the type of questions that Blue Jersey readers might want answered. But when I arrived at the venue, I was immediately turned away.

“We only allow credentialed reporters”, a staffer told me as I was being escorted out. Despite the fact that I have valid press credentials, the staffer said that bloggers were not welcome.

Since the press conference was on private property, they had every legal right to eject me. But it’s disappointing that millionaire MacArthur is so desperate to control his message. I can only conclude that he is afraid to deal with issues, and is simply attempting to buy an open seat in Congress (albeit outside his district) at any cost. The voters of the Third District deserve better.

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  1. kfoster

    What did you expect from a carpetbagger? I have a lot of family who live in this district who are gag republicans, but they will not vote for this guy because he is an opportunist.


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