Snapshots: Tuesday’s protest of bigoted Ted Nugent

John Atlas put it well:

“He’s a decent guitar player, but a vile human being.”

That’s about right. And that’s why a crowd showed up outside Ted Nugent’s show at the Wellmont Theater last night. They weren’t there for the guitar playing, but to protest Nugent’s nasty-ass view of the world and other people. The Wellmont didn’t cancel Nugent’s show, despite calls asking them to do just that. Disgust with his racist and otherwise bigoted statements has cost Nugent gigs, like the casino booking Nugent lost Monday. Nugent calls people who protest him “unclean vermin”. I say there were a lot of good people – better than him – outside the Wellmont last night. My friend Stacy Kay took this snapshots:

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    Amen to Rosi’s comment about the good people there protesting. And the protest was a success! – the Wellmont has agreed to meet with organizers to prevent this kind of booking in the future.

    Racist, misogynist, homophobic language should be unwelcome everywhere, but certainly doesn’t belong in Montclair, or anywhere else in the Garden State. Score one for standing up for what’s right.


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