Right Wing Media Outlet Used by Communist Country to Smear Menendez

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Imagine if we saw this come across the wires:

The bombshell report in The American Prospect that Senator Ted Cruz had visited prostitutes while on vacation in central America turns out to have been planted by Cuban propagandists to discredit the Texan.  

A CIA report indicates that the liberal magazine was used by the communist regime to discredit the one-term Republican Senator during his reelection campaign.

The first thing that would happen is that every single right winger — from your crazy brother in law to the Wall Street Journal editorial page — in the country would demand that The American Prospect stop publishing, and any liberal associated with the magazine be ostracized and lose any authority.  Obama would be slammed for allowing such a terrible misuse of the American media, and calls for government oversight of liberal publications would be demanded.

And for the next 50 years anything published in a liberal magazine about misdeeds by a Republican would be dismissed as the likely product of a foreign government.

But a slightly different situation occurred.  Turns out, as you can see from the link in today’s Roundup, that the Cuban government used Republican organ The Daily Caller to spread misinformation about Democratic Senator Robert Menendez using prostitutes.  The radical right wing magazine founded by conservative operative Tucker Carlson and Dick Cheney’s former Chief of Staff published the poorly sourced communist lies during Menendez’s reelection campaign.  

Even on Blue Jersey there were those writing, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire!” and using these lies from a foreign government to lend credence to another “scandal” that Menendez had helped a donor from Florida.  Neither situation stuck to Menendez, largely because one was a flat out falsehood and the other was marginal at best.

But the combination of the two flummoxed even liberals on this site who suggested Menendez was done, or corrupt, or would be kicked out of the Senate.  Too often we liberals and Democrats are happy to believe the worst about our leaders, and unwilling to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Or even to wait until the facts are confirmed and verified before eviscerating Democrats,

It’s time for liberals to take care of their own instead of conducting circular firing squads.  We should all be calling for Tucker Carlson’s head, and demanding that news shows on CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC and others stop allowing Daily Caller “reporters” to come on their airwaves and spread misinformation.

We should be demanding that any Republican who spread these lies and accused Menendez of wrongdoing apologize immediately.  Doesn’t matter if they do, we need to go on record demanding it.

And we should be screaming from the rooftops that this proves the right wing noise machine is political, and not news.  The Daily Caller, Drudge, Fox News and even Politico need to feel the heat for being more interested in spreading anything that hurts a Democrat than actually reporting well-sourced, responsible news.

And we all need to stand behind our own, and call for investigations into The Daily Caller and the right wing media in general.

In short, we need to stand together so we stop hanging apart.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    An anonymous senior United States official told the New York Times on Tuesday that there’s no evidence the Cuban government handed a false story to a conservative website in an effort to smear Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

    . . . .

    The Times also reported that, despite Menendez’s claims that there were early indications of Cuba’s involvement in the allegations, the senator never raised the possibility in a letter his lawyers sent to the Justice Department in January.


    Doesn’t detract from your point about the double standard, but it looks like Bob can’t blame this one on Fidel.


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