Rep. Donald Payne Jr. scorches the Republican House for Obama hatred and wasting time

We don’t generally report on the lonely moments that House members get for star-turns on their pet issues. There’s nothing wrong with those speeches, and I’m grateful they’re televised. They always seem so isolated to me, from the real-time work of Congress.

But this time, the real-time work of Congress has largely ground to a halt because the Republicans have really stepped in it with the threat of a lawsuit against Obama, that constitutional scholars deem baseless and unjustifiable. And all their impeachment talk, which Boehner tried to snatch back when it became clear how well Dems used that to rally their own. (Sorry, John Boehner. Nope.)

This statement of outrage from Rep. Donald Payne is dead-on. The GOP’s behavior is rooted, as he says, in a lack of respect for a man who won an election, like every other election. But they find something wrong with this president. Something about him is illegitimate, just not right. Something about him has members of this institution disrespecting him on a daily basis.

He goes on to say, with millions out of work – including nearly 300,000 in NJ – the Republicans are wasting time and millions of dollars, pandering to their own extremists. With stunts; 50 times trying to repeal ACA, the birth certificate stunt. Stopping at nothing to make him look like a failure. Trying to make people think he’s not even a real American.

Yes. Nailed it. And an African-American representative is the exact right person to call them out on this. Watch it for yourself below:  

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