No, Tom. Christie Was NEVER a Stickler for Ethics

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It usually takes a couple paragraphs to really get me going when Tom Moran writes about Chris Christie.  Today it took the first sentence:

It takes an effort to remember it now, but Gov. Chris Christie was once a stickler for ethics.

If you heard a loud, dull boom recently it was my head exploding.

Specifics – on the jump page:

  • Christie is the Freeholder candidate who was sued for lying in his campaign commercials and admitted wrong-doing.
  • Christie is the job-seeker who was told he had no chance at a job, donated a half-million dollars to the state and federal GOP, and then was appointed US Attorney despite having absolutely no prosecutorial experience.
  • Christie is the US Attorney who gave huge no-bid contracts to his former law partner and former boss to oversee organizations Christie put under Deferred Prosecution Agreements.
  • Oh, and about those Deferred Prosecution Agreements?  The Department of Justice ruled that they were unacceptable and put an end to the practice because of Christie’s overuse of them.
  • Christie is the US Attorney who forced an attorney out of a job at UMDNJ but admitted she had committed no federal crime — he just didn’t like her job performance.
  • Christie is the US Attorney who dropped a subpoena on Senator Bob Menendez on the last day it was allowed before the election against Tom Kean Jr, and then through some mysterious means the subpoena was leaked to the media.  Oh, and nothing ever came of the investigation.
  • Christie is the US Attorney who spent more on travel, hotels and room service than any other US Attorney, and was dinged by the Department of Justice for it.
  • Christie us the US Attorney who got mad at Senator Nia Gill for using senatorial privilege to delay a vote on Christie’s friend Stu Rabner’s nomination to the Supreme Court, and used his federal media team and security and travel resources to hold a press conference attacking Gill, Governor Jon Corzine and Senator Dick Codey despite no allegations of federal — or any — criminal activity.  This despite Corzine having nominated Rabner and Codey supporting it and promising a vote.
  • Christie is the US Attorney who 15 months later announced he was running against Governor Jon Corzine after attacking him using federal resources despite no indication of crimes being committed.

There are many more, all of which were public knowledge and had been on the pages of Blue Jersey for years while Moran and others lauded Christie as a beacon of ethical purity.

Christie always skirted the line on ethics, and regularly crossed it.  He admitted guilt in court once, and was dinged twice by the Department of Justice.

The media turned a blind eye to it for years, and did so as if they were the team statistician and Christie was the hero catcher.  It’s time for Moran to do the ethical thing and admit he was wrong about Christie all along, and stop with the fiction that Christie has somehow changed his spots.  

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  1. Jersey Jazzman

    Required reading for the entire NJ punditocracy, and any national press following Christie’s bid for the White House. Home run.

  2. sayitaintso

    federal monitors– and sat back as they billed millions of dollars of billable hours, lunches and travel to the struggling Medical schools and hospital.


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