NJ Working Families Leaks “Director’s Cut”of Christie Trailer

Ouch. This is not the kind of national news you want to make if you’re Chris Christie. Cringe.

Fortunately, NJ Working Families has dug up yet a third version of Christie’s anti-union movie trailer starring The Rock, then uh, removing The Rock. Let’s call this the director’s cut:

NJ Working Families director Analilia Mejia had this to say:

“This may just be a trailer, but the reviews are already in. Chris Christie’s tenure as governor has been part disaster movie, part horror flick, and all farce. The governor has blown up the state’s economy, taken a knife to public services, and even worked in a few dance numbers along the way. Christie’s performance may be getting rave reviews from the state’s richest residents, but it’s getting panned by New Jersey’s working families.”

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