News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, July 10, 2014

U.S. naming a federal monitor for Newark police

  • This is big. And years in the making. In 2010, ACLU-NJ filed a 96-page petition, detailing police behavior it said “left citizens dead, permanently injured, and otherwise damaged” and destroyed careers of department employees subjected to discrimination, retaliation and abusive working conditions. Now the Justice Department is appointing a federal monitor to oversee reforms in the NPD. Mayor Ras Baraka says he is not opposed.

    “Acting Governor”

  • Ledger also picks up on Guadagno’s finally being called Acting Governor when Christie’s out of state (a lot). But Team Christie was quick to ensure that, uhhh, he’s totally still in charge, uh – the phone YES! say he has a phone! He’ll be on a 14-state trip but he’s RUNNING EVERYTHING, we don’t even know who this Guadagno chick is …. Nope. They didn’t say it like that, but that’s what it is.

  • Our take: Let Guadagno be Guadagno.

    The Daily Caller embarrasses itself on Menendez

  • Washington Post (Wemple): Former Daily Caller reporter no-comments. latest allegations in Menendez case.


  • His moonlighting is raking in GOP cash, so totally fine that he’s letting NJ sink under his bad economic policies, while he tours for fun ‘n profit.
  • Sen. Linda Greenstein: Christie’s budget ‘double-crossed’ public workers on pension promise.
  • Ledger editorial: Christie owes Sandy Hook parents the courtesy of a meeting.
  • Lupica: Christie refusing to meet Sandy Hook victim’s parents shows he has no guts.

    Iranian-American professor found on NSA surveillance list says he’s ‘not surprised’

  • Politicker reporting the Iranian-American professor from Rutgers that Glenn Greenwald alleges was spied on by the US government says he’s “not surprised” his name was found on the list of Muslim-American leaders the FBI and NSA kept tabs on between 2002 and 2008.


  • Marathon legislative session on energy coming: Will this be an effective legislative correction to the failures of the Christie administration to take science and the environment seriously?
  • 9 un-fun, even alarming, facts about NJ water systems.
  • NJDEP’s new proposed, science-ignoring regs for coastal development were hotly disputed yesterday.


  • Big lobby day yesterday, more than 3 dozen educators attended the state BOE to talk about the new statewide testing system.


  • Sweeney, Weinberg: bus commuters treated like ‘third class citizens’. They are demanding a new terminal, Sweeney adding, “If we were a private-sector entity, we would be out of business right now.”
  • How bad is New Jersey’s infrastructure? Well, the photos are terrifying.
  • Want a casino in North Jersey? Expect it to pay higher taxes than AC, per this bill.
  • Christie’s NJ budget delays property tax rebate again, angering seniors.
  • Then there’s this: For the 5th year running, no NJT fare increase.

    Investigations of the Christie administration & fallout

  • Today is hot seat day for Port Authority chair and commissioner nominees. Christie’s pick for Chair – John Degnan – has long, deep ties to Christie. And as we’ve seen, there’s absolutely no danger in that.


  • NJSen: Booker’s opponent Bell criticizes the bill the senator wrote with Rand Paul to overhaul federal criminal justice laws.

  • CD02: LoBiondo announces Q2 filings, Hughes says lobbyists ‘served him well’.

  • CD02: Hughes wants to debate LoBiondo 8 times.

    The soft campaign for NJGov 2017

  • Aide to Brian Stack joins Steve Fulop’s administration.

  • Fulop is not clean on pay-to-play, say even some long-time supporters.  
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    1. vmars

      that when a governor leaves the state they lose all their power, and it doesn’t matter if they have a cell phone or not.  

      At least that’s the way I always read the state constitution, and that’s why the Lt. G is called “acting Governor.”

      I’d love to see a study of how many bills were signed when Christie is out of state.

    2. firstamend07

      It is time for mayor Fulop to take big league criticism if he wants to play in the big leagues.He appears to be a whiner when he cannot totally control the message.

      Pay to play is serious.He has to explain his actions.Tweets are not enough!


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