Gun Debate

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In light of current events with gun control and violence, one place that must feel heat is Wild West City. It’s located in Netcong New Jersey. The town is a recreation of a wild west city with train rides, horses and gunslingers.

One has to wonder in today’s climate how such a place can thrive in New Jersey. In the first place, they do have train rides, music, authors and activities from May to October, its not just gunslingers.

In what is probably a good business move and just plain sense, they have a written out policy on gun violence on their website. The summary of the policy is that guns were needed and plentiful in the old west. That doesn’t mean the situation is the same today. Guns are weapons and are to be treated with responsibility.  

You don’t hear an articulate thought like that in the current debate. The statement wasn’t about votes. It wasn’t about hoarding weaponry, it was a statement of fact meant to offend no one. I hope this place can continue to educate and excite patrons through the summer.  

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