Christie disrespects a high school student asking him a question at Belmar “town hall”

Kristin Towkaniuk, 17, is the president of the Newark Students Union and a member of NJ Communities United. Here she is in Belmar today at Christie’s “town hall” where questions are supposedly encouraged, asking him when he’ll do a similar event in her city:

You can hear somebody call out Rude! at his insulting her about her question, while somebody else calls out, Thought you had 4 kids!

Christie doesn’t do well when he cannot control his entire environment, which is one reason his town hall events are as engineered as they are.  A big sign depicting Christie in black/white with the word LIAR on his forehead first popped up in Newark’s community fight against state control of Newark’s schools, a key factor in the election of educator Ras Baraka as the city’s new mayor. Kristin was a visible part of both. I think he called on her deliberately. He called on me in the Flemington town hall, and surprised me by saying, “I know who you are, and I know you don’t agree with me on anything.” Then he lied in his answer to me, and mocked my follow-up. He was harsher with Kristin. And she deserved better, as a student, his constituent, and as a known young leader with a constituency of her own in the state’s largest city. If he chose her question so he could mock her, it backfired.

Christie photobombing himself. (hat/tip Dave Zirkle)

Petition asking Christie for a Newark town hall.

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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    APP’s photographer Robert Ward got a clearer picture of Christie photobombing himself here.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Tweeted by @mattkatz00:

    Lots of people will recognize NJ labor activist Carol Gay.  

  3. firstamend07

    He is a lame duck with a couple of months left before he leaves.

    ….and the sooner he leaves the better.

    His act has played out in New Jersey and he needs to move on. The GOP Presidential Field is so horrible that he actually has a chance to be their nominee.

    But in order to raise big money he must get out of New Jersey.

    I hope he does get the nomination.That will make working for Hillary so much more fun!

    I do not know that young woman but since you do pass on my personal encouragement. Speaking your mind when those around you do not agree is very difficult,but it is also what has made this country great.

    Tell her about this site. A young persons( no offense to the ” older folk” !) point of view would be refreshing.  

  4. dbkurz415

    Christie is so obviously a man that not only despises Democratic give-and-take, something loved by politicians like Bill Clinton and the late Jack Kemp. In the end, this is a man who genuinely despises people and, lacking ideas, he is singleminded in his pursuit of power for its own sake. It’s amazing that for all of his strong will, he still can’t seem to get anything accomplished in N.J. This is because in America, you can’t use the sheer force of your personality to make change – you HAVE to work with people.  


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