Be Careful What You Wish For, Tom Moran Edition

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Seven years ago Jon Corzine was Governor, Stu Rabner was awaiting confirmation to be the Chief Justice of the NJ Supreme Court, Chris Christie was US Attorney and Star Ledger editorial columnist Tom Moran preferred bluster and aggression to accomplishment and measure.

Back then Senator Nia Gill had some concerns and Rabner and wanted to speak to him.  She quietly put a hold on his nomination as is tradition in the NJ state Senate, and without any fanfare asked for more information.  This delayed Rabner’s confirmation, a situation that enraged Chris Christie to the point that he used his federal staff, materials, transportation, security and authority to hold a press conference condemning Gill, Corzine and a host of Democrats for the delay.

Here’s how Moran described it at the time:

The governor  [Corzine] got the job done in the end — he nominated a great candidate, and he’s almost certain to win confirmation. The kinder and gentler approach worked.

True enough. But wouldn’t it be great if Corzine had at least some of Christie’s combativeness?

Moran was so in love with Christie that he preferred bluster to success, and belittled calm, measured leadership that accomplished goals.

Seven years ago Christie threw a hissy fit over delayed judicial nominations that were going to pass, and now he’s at it again. The Editorial Board Moran leads called said Christie was engaged in a “snit” over a three week delay in confirming a justice Christie had nominated for the bench in Essex County.  Because of the delay, Christie pulled eight nominations.

This is what Moran is looking for now:

“Without answers, we can only hope that cooler heads prevail and the Essex nominations are reinstated. If they’re not, Essex County’s legal landscape will only continue to deteriorate.”

The cool, calm Corzine got his nomination through and the combative Christie did not.

Be careful what you ask for, Mr. Moran.  You might get it.

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