Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for June 7-8, 2014

NJ GOP is not stronger than Superstorm Christie

  • Next Thursday June 12th the legislature plans to try a veto override of Christie’s CV of the ‘Sandy Bill of Rights.’ Marie Corfield walks you through why it matters. And what you can do – right now.


  • On MSNBC about an hour ago – on Steve Kornacki’s show where in Janary she claimed the Christie administration tried to threaten her by holding hostage needed Sandy recovery funds if she didn’t green light a favored development. But today, she was back to mild, vague and uncritical commentary on Christie.

    Investigations of the Christie administration

  • Stile: COS O’Dowd likely to face grilling by GWB panel.


  • Kelly: “(W)hat kind of politician – especially a guy with his eyes on the White House – gives his staffers a raise after telling other state workers that their pension payments need to be delayed because of budget shortfalls? The only conclusion here is that in Christie’s world there are two kinds of budgets – one for his buddies and another for everyone else.”
  • George Norcross and the Democrats he controls built Christie into the powerful governor he is, and the payback is Christie support for everything Norcross wants to do for to Camden.
  • OLS lawyers’ opinion: Christie can’t cut pension payment in coming fiscal year.
  • Christie & Tom Corbett booed in Pittsburgh.


  • Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball changes CD3 rating from “toss up” to “leans Republican” after MacArthur’s primary win. Cook Political Report concurs.
  • Ingle: A solid Shore would be a GOP powerhouse (but it isn’t).


  • Matt Friedman’s heads-up for a busy June.
  • N.J. legalization bill on suicide advances but faces a long fight.


  • After facing criticism over distribution of Sandy aid, Christie administration changes guidelines.

    Debate swells on raising NJ judges’ retirement age to 75

  • Is retirement at 70 behind the times?

    Opinion: Keep tracking waste out of NJ

  • Yup.

    Wrongly imprisoned man: Fix New Jersey’s DNA testing law

  • Gerard Richardson, imprisoned for 19 years for a murder DNA evidence now tells us he didn’t commit, backs a bill from Gordon Johnson and Loretta Weinberg to cut through bureaucratic red tape to better use the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and better solve crimes.
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