Video: Wiz & Weinberg on Schuber’s zero ‘curiosity’ testimony

Here – below – are GWB panel co-chairs Sen. Loretta Weinberg and Asm John Wisniewski talking to press after Tuesday’s questioning of Port Authority Commissioner William “Pat” Schuber and his I don’t know, I don’t remember, I wasn’t there testimony.

For more on this, highly recommend Matt Katz’ Port Authority — or Politburo?

Next up to testify is Christie chief of staff Kevin O’Dowd, who had knowledge that Deputy COS Bridget Kelly might have known something about the lane closures, as early as December 5th of last year – a conversation Gov. Christie walked in on, suggesting his Jan. 8th 2-hour shock and awe press conference might have been more showmanship than actual righteous outrage.

Meanwhile, a shift in the GOP members’ strategy, downplaying their whining about panel process and their defending of the Christie administration. Now, perhaps in a move to appear more good government and less toady, it looks like they want to vault right over the sticky business of finding out what happened and who made it happen (because there be dragons …) all they want to talk is Port Authority mismanagement. Smart, if entirely transparent, strategy. Except of course that most of the mismanagement has been coming direct from the inner office of the leader of their party, and of his and his operatives’ abuses of power for Christie’s political gain. Same guy they’ve been taking orders from for 4 years.

But whatevs, Republicans. Hope you believe that stuff about redeeming your souls – good times! – and good luck with all that.


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  1. Bob h

    Dowd as AG would actually show an interest in enforcing the law when the Christie administration is involved?  Probably.


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