UAW rescinds endorsement of CD2 Dem Bill Hughes, who says pressure from AFL-CIO is the reason

The Democrat running against entrenched Republican Frank LoBiondo for his CD2 House seat says he was endorsed by UAW, but that endorsement has been rescinded. Bill Hughes says it was pressure from the leadership of AFL-CIO in NJ that caused UAW to pull their nod. This despite recent ratings that show disastrously-low recent UAW ratings for LoBo along with high Tea Party scores.

AFL-CIO has endorsed LoBiondo, which seems like a questionable move. Below I link to a letter signed by both national and NJ AFL-CIO presidents that even complains to DCCC that Hughes made it on to DCCC’s Emerging Races list, so high is their praise for LoBiondo.

I have reached out to AFL-CIO’s Legislative Affairs Coordinator Eric Richard by email, and to @NJAFLCIO via Twitter with questions. If/when I hear back, I’ll update. Meanwhile – –  

Hughes, whose June 18 press release quotes praise from Ross Seyfert, president of UAW Local 1127, and Ernestine Dawkins, president of UAW Local 8888, announced that he got UAW’s statewide endorsement. Rescinding it, Hughes says, is an overruling of local union leaders ” by those who wish to maintain the status quo.”

In a letter today to Terry Dittes of UAW Region 9, which covers NJ as well as parts of NY and PA, Hughes expressed his concern at UAW’s apparent switch of allegiance. Hughes says he has been told by UAW members that the “true reason” behind UAW’s move is pressure from AFL-CIO and other labor leaders.

In a message to press today, Hughes said:

“Our current Congressman, Frank LoBiondo, is so ineffective at representing the working families of the district that his campaign has hired a high powered Washington DC lobbyist to provide ‘labor consulting’ to his campaign. We can only assume that, given the UAW’s action in response to pressure, Congressman LoBiondo – who had a 2012 UAW rating of 13% and a 72% Tea Party voting record – has received his moneys’ worth for the over $370,000 in campaign funds he has spent on this lobbyist since 2008.”

A March 18 letter, signed by AFL-CIO national president Richard Trumka and Charles Wowkanech, the NJ AFL-CIO leader, and sent to DCCC Chair Rep. Steve Israel, lauds Republican Frank LoBiondo. The letter even complains to Israel that the Hughes race is on DCCC’s Emerging Races List.

June 18 press release announcing UAW’s endorsement.

July 25 letter from Hughes to UAW Region 9.  

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  1. Hopeful

    This is the way has it been. I have heard similar, if lower level, union stories from other challengers in previous years.

    Someday the Tea Party may eat LoBiondo though.  


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