Summer Solstice Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for June 21-22, 2014

New Jersey’s privatized Sandy recovery – How’d it go?

  • Companies hired that had failed in other recoveries, long delays, little government oversight or accountability, consultants monitoring other consultants … it didn’t go well.

    Campaigns & fallout

  • CD3: Ocean and Burlington County Democrats Expected to Woo Swing Voters This Fall.
  • Did close Christie allies rig the race for Cory Booker? Murray Sabrin suggests they did. That, plus the truth and beauty of the simply M&M, and more from the Auditor.

    NJGov 2017

  • Braun: Sweeney – Christie wannabe – practices bullying on Rutgers.


  • The scandal-plagued governor sticks up for the other scandal-plagued governor.
  • Stile: Christie gets out in attempt to move on.
  • The RGA chair takes the rare step of taking sides in a contested GOP Gov primary. Which state? New Hampshire, of course. And Walt Havenstein thought Christie was there for him
  • Christie to Faith & Freedom Coalition: says we “need to tell the truth”.
  • Christie cites his anti-abortion credentials.
  • Christie can’t dance away his growing scandal.
  • Just making stuff up: Christie falsely claims Dems barred anti-abortion speakers from conventions.
  • Dawn Zimmer declines to comment on the Esquire story.
  • Mulshine: Are Chris Christie and his cronies cornered on Bridgegate?.
  • Ingle on Christie mocking medical marijuana as a “front for legalization”: “Shameful.”

    This is important to hear.

  • For war veteran Assemblyman Andrzejczak, Iraq chaos, local poll numbers “absolutely frustrating”.


  • Revel in bankruptcy – again.
  • Joe Kyrillos speaks up for the millionaires  in the millionaire’s tax. By contrast, Gordon MacInnes points out the wealthy exodus is a myth.
  • Can task force save South Jersey’s military bases?
  • Jacobson folds probation association into pension payment suit.
  • State plans to cut NJ cops OT, a move unions worry will hurt kids.

    Ledger editorial: Southern civil rights leader stumbles into NJ bail reform debate

  • Strange?
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