Rutgers General Counsel John Farmer named among NJ’s Top General Counsels

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NJBiz named Rutgers General Counsel John Farmer as one of New Jersey’s Top General Counsels yesterday. The former NJ Attorney General who has only held the Rutgers post since April of 2013, was named for his skill in handling the Mike Rice basketball scandal while simultaneously helping to conclude the Rutgers/UMDNJ merger (the largest ever in Higher Education), issuing over $1 billion dollars in new bonds as part of that merger, and helping to ward off last year’s attempt by Senate President Sweeney to unilaterally eliminate the Rutgers Board of Trustees.

Farmer has a history of public service at the highest levels having served as General Counsel to the 9/11 Commission under former Governor Thomas Kean, Chief Counsel under Governor Whitman and as New Jersey Attorney General. Farmer has a strong and clear vision of New Jersey history, and of New Jersey as a coherent whole, not as a collection of warring political fiefdoms dominated by local chiefs, which he strongly argued in his 2012 column defending Rutgers from takeover by Glassboro State College Rowan University and their South Jersey benefactors.   As keepitreal noted in my dairy on taking Rutgers private this week, Rutgers has a lot of legal firepower on their side.

Rutgers sure does!

Congratulations General Farmer!

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