Quote Of The Day: Now that we’ve discussed our wish list…

Other than not paying the bills, the NJGOP doesn’t really seem to want to deal with our budget gap in any meaningful way. Senator Tom Kean went back to the good ole game plan of talking about opposing fees while his Governor proposes them, but in response we have to give the quote of the day to Assembly Budget Chairman Gary Schaer who responded to their world of fantasy and make believe with this: [emphasis mine]

“I would join Sen. Kean in saying I’d like a budget that has no new taxes,” said Assembly Budget Chairman Gary Schaer (D., Passaic). “I’d even go so far as to say we have no income tax, and let’s rebate everyone 100 percent of their property tax. Now, after we’ve discussed our wish list, why don’t we speak about the serious business of the state government: How are you paying for the necessary programs that you want?

I admire the Budget Chairman’s hope that the NJGOP will join him in getting real, but they seem rather content to govern by talking point and straw man while our state gets downgraded instead of dealing with the serious issues we are facing.

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