It’s a little Debbie Downer for a Friday, but here’s a video: Christie’s Failed Fiscal Record

My friend message strategist Joshua Henne put this together. It’s facty, and I like facty. Joshua is the also the one who put together the excellent Christie by the Numbers at the old One New Jersey site.

Frankly, the record of Christie’s failed fiscal policies is a little Debbie Downer for a getaway June Friday. But then again, this weekend Christie is out in Utah for Mitt Romney’s “leadership retreat” hanging with the big-business peeps and some 2016 supplicants like himself. Romney’s trying to position himself as an elder statesman and possibly even a kingmaker (Rand Paul’s coming, Christie, and even token Dem former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer). These are the corpo-centric Republicans – just  Christie’s crowd. They can all read, so they probably already know about his economic policy failures. But these are people who still think Mitt Romney’s relevant, so that may not concern them as much as it concerns the average New Jerseyan. Besides, for this crowd, policies like Christie’s that leave NJ unstable, downgraded and in economic turmoil are probably just peachy as long as there’s plenty of corporate welfare. And there’s plenty of that in Chris Christie’s New Jersey.


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