Bergen Executive losing control as indictments near

As expected indictments for Wolff Samson are about to be dropped, the one County where Wolff Samson were tied to nearly every single transaction, Bergen County, it’s clear  Republican County Exe. Donovan (who’s also has a sex-for-play scandal involving the selection of the County Insurance contract and Bergen GOP Party Boss Alan Marcus) is in complete whirlwind spin melt down mode as per the latest Bergen Evening Record blather of Donovan diarrhea:…

Donovan’s most embarrassing action now is the veto of the new BCIA law firm (Florio,Percucci, etc) because of what she predicts n the future MAY be a conflict!!!  WOW-talk about a stretch. Also, since when does the hired help now even has a vote on a decision??? Cant the same conflict that Donovan now abhors also be raised in the rest of her administration, such as David Samsons conflict with Triple Five and the Port Authority and Donovan’s failure to file criminal charges regarding the GW Bridge?

Donovan never was concerned in the past with conflict of interests at the BCIA. Among them:

1) Donovan appointed her own County Administrator Ed Trawinski to be a BCIA Commissioner, when it was ruled that there was a conflict…     PAGE 21 has ethics complaint.

2) Donovan appointed scandal infested attorney Thomas Mason Esq. to be a BCIA Commissioner, when it is also ruled a conflict.  GOP Donovan gives a contract for child support Public Defender AND also appoints the same Mason guy to be a BCIA Commissioner. Ergo Mason votes her way at BCIA and in return Donovan gives him a $50,000 contract!…

This is done even though in 2011 the very own BCIA Counsel eventually did an advisory opinion saying there is a conflict.

3) Donovan approved David Samson firm to do legal work at the BCIA. When Samson’s client was getting BCIA approval for tax-exempt bonding. Page 60 of 2011 .pdf.

4) Now the real crime occurred on Page 125 of attached. Pdf.  This is exactly the crux of where all the fraud has gone down:   Donovan and GOP documented approval of American Dream Mall AND Samson represents American Dream Mall, which is Triple Five AND Samson also represents Bergen County. THIS IS A CONFLICT, for the last 3 years.   It gets better…

So Republican Donovan knows she is in trouble and Samson is telling all about Donovan and her own real conflicts, so she makes up some bogus case where a new law firm MAY have a future conflict… This is a sign of someone in desperate trouble and going on the offense regarding the same charges that her crew has done and will face jail for.

Also look at the law firm, it a standard Business model with another Republican Party Boss running the firm… So Donovan is saying an evil Republican firm is a walking conflict.…


5) The best is the past BCIA Counsel Tom Broongiee is and has been Donovan’s own Campaign Tres and also has an ELEC violation charge for giving Donovan to much money!!  The arrogance of these clowns.

Bottom line – the inbreeding of Christies top hack law firm Wolff Samson is in big big trouble and corrupt Donovan is 100% tied in and will also be destroyed in this large scandal.

So far, her County Admin has quit, her County Counsel has quit, her Freeholders have voted against Donovan and now Donovan has lost all of her lawsuits, the real major ones.  The only shoe left iindictments and Donovan will get a Trenton job soon.

With contract scandals, the demise of Samson, the exposure of the American Dream Mall bond scam, will bring down Bergen GOP, which means Christie is next….

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