What You Can Do – Right Now – to Keep Christie from Bullying the Bench

I’m going to ask you to take a look at a video, then sign a petition to tell Gov. Christie not to play politics with our courts, and your constitutional rights. This is a project Blue Jersey worked on with Lambda Legal, NJ Citizen Action, CWA, Latino Action Network & our allies. And now, it needs you. – Rosi

Not decisions to be made by 7 people in black robes who are elected by no one and who believe that they are not a co-equal branch of government but a superior branch of government.

                                                        – Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie is a politician having a very bad year, after having one of the best years last year of any pol in the country, the fleece-wearing, SNL-guesting, Democratic Party-corrupting, Republican King of polls, the RNC, and looking like an easy shot to the White House guy of 2013.

But that was then. This is now. 2014 Christie’s a pol desperately in need of changing the subject. The Mastro report didn’t do it. Despite the hefty price tag, the public, the papers, and the comics are all laughing. Then there’s this, NJ’s credit rating downgraded five times under Christie. And the days are over when he could slide past that by insulting (the clearly more realistic) David Rosen. If voters in GOP primary states can read, they know about his budget problems, his tunnel problem, his cringeworthy cancer-funding problem. And Google can tell any GOP voter why even Mitt Romney put Christie on ice.

When things don’t go well for Christie, things happen that shouldn’t.. Ask the commuters on the GWB. As Sokolich. Ask Zimmer.

We need – and we deserve as citizens – to have judges who will decide our cases fairly and impartially, based on the evidence and facts that are presented before them, without any concern as to retaliation for the decision they make.

                     – Karol Corbin Walker, former NJ State Bar Assn. president

Or maybe ask newly-married gay New Jerseyans, plaintiffs, teachers and students, housing and workers’ rights advocates – even the NJ State Bar Association and former Justice Gary Stein. They’re all concerned that Christie may do harm to his home state by taking an action that will perk up big-pocket GOP donors – elsewhere – and get his scandals off their minds.

Next month, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, who authored the opinion in the marriage case, is up for reappointment. Christie already has a bad track record, with Justice John Wallace, and Helen Hoens. Take action. Before he does.

There are two vacancies on the Supreme Court. And the failure to reappoint the Chief Justice could leave three. And that really leaves the Court in disarray.

                                                                  – Justice Gary Stein

Please take a look at this video. And sign this petition, and tell Christie not to play politics with our courts and our constitutional rights.

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  1. firstamend07

    CWA leaders better stop being concerned with all ths stuff and start worrying about its members.

    Do SOMETHING about this Civil Service dictate by Chrisite!

    Do SOMETHING to earn its millions in dues money!  

  2. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    About all this “stuff” because who sits on the Supreme Court actually affects their members in many ways! Some of their members need affordable housing in their town; some of their gay members want to marry their partners; others care about the environment and the air we breathe, just to mention a few….AND THEY (we) can fight Christie on civil service at the same time!  


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