Wall Street Super Pac Paid Jeffries Supporters $150 On E-Day

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It was all a conspiracy theory, right?

While much of the corporate media – particularly the now ex-Newark Star Ledger – ignored the forces behind “education reform” in Newark, journalist Max Blumenthal decided to actually investigate.

On election day the Wall Street backed Super PAC “Newark First” reportedly dumped $300,000 to pay workers – many of whom were truant students – $150 apiece to help get the vote out for Shavar Jeffries. Blumenthal spoke to e-day workers who confirmed the payments.

Blumenthal also interviewed Akili Buchanan, Vice President of the Newark Teachers Union, who said students were being told, ironically, to ditch school to get paid to help Jeffries the “education reform” candidate.

Talk about school choice.

Despite all the money spent by Wall Street parasites to promote their privatization efforts, Ras Baraka overcame it and won a solid victory campaigning against the privatizers and their apparatchik Cami Anderson. Their old apparatchik, Cory Booker, has moved on to greener media pastures to be his own hypeman.

With Baraka’s victory the people of Newark sent a clear message to Wall Street and the so-called “reformers” – not interested. As Mayor-elect Baraka said “Newark is not for sale”

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