The Top Ten Reasons why Ron Cho can Beat Scott Garrett in CD#5

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After my first volunteer meeting at the Roy Cho campaign for Congress in Ridgewood last Saturday, I came away inspired and even more convinced Democrat Cho can win in November.  With campaign manager Rob Esposito laying it all out, here are:

The Top Ten Reasons Why Roy Cho can beat Scott Garrett in CD#5

10. The 2010 redistrict actually helped the Dems with the addition of the highly Democratic towns Bogota, Fair Lawn, Hackensack, Lodi and  Teaneck to CD#5.  Along with the Democratic stronghold Bergenfield, voter turnout from these towns is approximately 20% of the 5th CD.  

9.  About 10,000 CD#5  Dems have been ID’d to enlist in the cause by email address and will be contacted soon.

8.  The campaign will work to identify each town’s individual social networking system and use this info to effectively expose candidate Cho to the voters.

7.   Voter registration, including on college campuses, will be a primary focus starting in June through massive efforts in the Dem leaning areas and targeted efforts in the battleground portion of the district.

6.  GOTV (Get-Out-The-Vote) efforts will put Cho volunteers at Dem leaning doors and on the phone, with the same campaign worker, three times.

5.  Region 1: Dem leaning areas in southern and eastern Bergen – Focus on GOTV and voter registration.

4.  Region 2: Northeast and Central Bergen – Focus on identifying educated Independent and Republican voters and connecting with them on targeted issues where their views align with Cho and not Garrett.  

3.  Region 3: uber Republican Sussex and Warren counties –  Focus on upping the Dem percentage here by 1 or 2 points, which in conjunction with a big Dem turnout and a wave of Repub/Indep conversions, makes the district winnable.

2.  Bill Maher’s HBO show, “Real Time with Bill Maher” is meddling with the political process by creating “Flip-A-District,” asking his audience to nominate the worst member of congress who is expected to have a competitive 2014 race.  The winner will be showcased on the show regularly as an example of terrible public service and Maher will travel to the winning district to perform stand-up and “generally stir up hostile feelings toward the show’s target.”  Scott Garrett is one of the 16 finalists for this national media  spotlight and more tweets and Facebook posts nominating Garrett using the hashtags #FlipADistrict and #NJ5 can help get him selected.  

1.  After crunching the numbers on Garrett’s 6th Congressional election and win over Adam Gussen in 2012,  it became apparent that with a very small amount of money (slightly over $50,000) and virtually no name recognition Democrat Gussen “almost won”  with 44 to 49% of the vote in many areas,  when you add the 2% of the vote received by the Green Party candidate.  What might have happened with lots of money and exposure?  

Opportunity knocks.

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  1. Joebluejersey11

    Its that simple. If Bergen Republican County Exe. Kathleen Donovan loses on election day, then Ron Cho becomes a Congressman. Its that simple, but its complicated. Kathleen Donovan has a large following among Progressives, among Bergen Grassroots, among Bergen Democrats like former BCDO Ex. Dir Rocco Mazza and also well-known among the LGBT community.  

    Donovan, who has been found to have underage drugged out girls and illegal drugs in her home as well as is involved with the BCRO Party Bossl Alan  Marcus in a sex-for-County Contracts scan as well as several FBI investigations.

    Sadly, certain Progressives continue to support Donovan for selfish-political reasons and will allow Tedesco to lose and Tea Party Garrett to win.

    Cho wins when Donovan loses.

  2. Nick Lento

    Bringing the county executive race into this is counterproductive.

    Tedesco doesn’t have to roll around in a crap filled gutter to win this race.    You do him no favors by putting him there.  If anything dirty unfair slurs will engender sympathy and more energy/support for Donovan as a reaction to the negativity.

    Tedesco has committed to being strongly for anti-pay to play policies….I believe he is an honest decent man and am willing to give him a shot.   He has actively supported Loretta Weinberg in her quest for some truth and  justice re Bridge-Gate.  He has gotta be on Christie’s shit-list…..that alone is a good reason to vote for him!!!!

    As progressive a Democrat, I plan on voting for Tedesco, ……..but if Donovan wins it won’t be a horrific disaster she is no Scott Garrett.    If Garrett keeps his seat….THAT will be an ongoing disaster for CD5.

    Garrett is an extremist right wing fundamentalist of the American Taliban stripe…..he is wrong on just about everything and has no business representing anyplace in NJ, let alone Bergen County.  

    Garrett does have the gift of being a slick slippery con artist and performs well in debates with his nice affable guy act…but his actual policies are cruel and mean spirited and morally corrupt in their effects…if not their intent.

    Let’s UNITE around beating Garrett!!!


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