Star-Ledger, which endorsed Chris Christie and then had to apologize, now endorses Shavar Jeffries

In late October of last year, the Star-Ledger endorsed Chris Christie for re-election. It was a bizarre endorsement, openly mocked by Rachel Maddow, quoted from and questioned by newspapers across the country and argued over in J-school classes. Time, the shift away from dead-tree journalism, and a population weary of hard news, are helping drive the decimation of a once-great daily paper. But the Ledger’s own failures and confusions have contributed to it no longer being vital anymore. Case in point.

The Ledger called Christie a remarkable political talent. But after that first line, they said his achievements were “only modest,” noted that property taxes shot up on his watch, that he’s openly hostile to low-income families, a “catastrophe” on environment, and that he’s “much better at politics than he is at governing.” And then they asked you to vote for him.

In February, after that editorial had already done its damage, editorial page editor Tom Moran snatched it all back in an equally cringeworthy apologia.

Today, the Star-Ledger endorsed Shavar Jeffries, calling him the “real reformer” in the race.

It’s no surprise. Moran has used the state’s largest paper to cheerlead for the dissolution of local schools to make way for the shiny penny of corporate charter schools and the tycoons that come with it, and the PR firms that sell it, who see dollar signs where they should see kids, and fertile ground where they should see communities. So, no surprise – it’s just Moran, backing Christie again, backing the mayoral candidate who’ll let Cami keep running amok, backing the guy whose campaign is funded by investors who expect Shavar Jeffries to help Cami Anderson to help Chris Christie keep their investment opportunities hot for them.

The Star-Ledger, which endorsed Chris Christie and then had to apologize, endorsed Shavar Jeffries for mayor of Newark today.  

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    this one back.  Moran is rabidly pro- privatization and rabidly anti-union.  Cami Anderson could blockade all the public schools indefinitely and he would still back her.

  2. sayitaintso

    like the white liberals of the 1960’s who were as uncomfortable with Civil Rights demonstrations as they were with their cleaning ladies.

    They had to find “respectable Negroes” at any price to convince themselves they were not the bad guys.

    Then when Black Power came along, they decided that the civil rights movement was OK after all.  

    Just. Not. Those. Black Folks.

  3. keepitreal

    His charter school bias blinds him to everything else that should be considered prior to making an endorsement. He has lost all credibility with those who know the very real danger of boss controlled politicians. They will shovel money into this campaign in order to defeat Baraka, but I believe that he will still prevail. There is a real movement afoot to take down power brokers like Abudato and Norcross. The time for change is now.


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