Selling Us Out – Newark residents tell Shavar Jeffries their city is not for sale

Tomorrow – Tuesday – is one week before election day in Newark. And resistance to the privatization of the city’s public schools – coming from hedge funders and tycooning opportunists under a state plan orchestrated by Chris Christie’s hand-picked schools chief Cami Anderson – is centering as a crucial issue of the race for mayor. The race is between Ras Baraka, councilman and Newark Central HS Principal (on leave) and Shavar Jeffries, a former state assistant AG. Voters go to the polls May 13.

The race may hinge on how clearly that community-based hunger for local control, with heavy participation from Newark parents and students, will hold against a huge influx of cash behind Jeffries from ‘Education Reform Now,’ a NYC-based organization run by pro-charter, pro-privatization hedge fund managers, with donors investors from Connecticut to Texas. They just infused $850k into the Shavar Jeffries operation. Rob Duffey, whose New Jersey Working Families Alliance paid for the ad, says that’s “because they know Jeffries won’t hesitate to sell out Newark’s schools for their personal profit.” In this ad, we see some Newark residents who say their city isn’t for sale.

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