NJ12 & NJ3: A couple of endorsements worth talking about

The absolute duel between CD3 Republicans Steve Lonegan and Tom MacArthur and the less-juvenile primary contest between the CD12 Democrats feed eporters a steady stream of endorsement announcements. Some appeal to one or more ethnic or interest group. Most of them won’t matter even to 4×4 primary voters.

But there are a couple that stand out over the last few hours:

CD12 – Ras Baraka for Bonnie Watson Coleman: Two weeks ago, Newark’s incoming mayor beat the machine, with a 54-46 win over a candidate with Norcross team connections and a hotshot of charter tycoony cash. And Baraka continued to make news coming in behind the high school students standing up to Christie’s hand-picked school superintendent Cami Anderson, who Baraka’s wanted to rid the city of for months. Baraka’s support for Watson Coleman comes with a May 28 funder to help fuel her GOTV. And it’s one hell of a recommendation from the Newark game-changer; civil rights, a fighter (take note of the fact that when big-name Democrats ignored or undermined Barbara Buono’s campaign against Christie, Watson Coleman chaired Buono’s campaign) and the opportunity to make history by sending to Washington our first African American woman. That’s not nothing, and Baraka kills it:

“Bonnie Watson Coleman has been a tireless advocate for civil rights in New Jersey and has never wavered from that fight. Bonnie is not a politician who makes decisions based on polls and focus groups, she fights for the things she believes in without hesitation.  She would bring that same determination with her to Washington so I know Bonnie would be first in line to stand against the Tea Party and fiercely advocate to pass stronger gun laws, protect Social Security and Medicare, strengthen equal pay laws and improve access to affordable health care.  On June 3rd, voters in the 12th Congressional District need to make their voices heard and elect Bonnie Watson Coleman to be the first African American woman representative in New Jersey history so she can stand side by side with President Obama and Democrats in Congress and fight for our shared values.

CD3 – Sarah Palin for Steve Lonegan: Seriously, it doesn’t get better than seeing who the Alaska whackadoodle and Governor drop-out sees as her Jersey ally. Sadly her endorsement is pretty boilerplate and dull. But if it’s spectacle that interests you, Lonegan and MacArthur provide plenty all by themselves. Plenty of carpetbaggery, calling each other liars right out on the teevee, and the kind of immature snarling they probably think will charge up their low-info, high-emotion base.

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