News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, May 19, 2014

Today’s roundup is brought to you by NJ’s fruits & veggies, crunchy, sweet and better for you than most of the news below …


  • The politics of closing the budget gap: Everything is not on the table.
  • Gannett papers laud Steve Sweeney for pointing out that if Christie’s serious about everything being in play to close the deficit, than the millionaire’s tax should be part of the discussion, and that he can’t continue to shield NJ’s richest while demanding more and more from everyone else.
  • Raise the gas tax, say both ex-Govs Byrne & Kean.
  • Christie’s pledged not to expand casino gambling beyond AC to the Meadowlands or anyplace else in NJ before 2016. By that time, however, a new front will likely have opened in the regional battle for betting dollars that has left the oceanside resort reeling. And it doesn’t look like it will be the garish, tawdry mess that AC is.
  • Clean energy surcharge to remain flat, despite diversion of funds.

    Christie 2016

  • Christie got a 2nd chance to speak in front of Sheldon Adelson & rich Jewish donors. He sucked up just fine this time, but not with honor to any Jewish values I recognize.
  • Can the national Republicans get their primary process act together?

    Investigations of the Christie administration

  • Bob Ingle argues that the timeline of what Christie knew and when “gets down to what you want to believe”.
  • That BS Mastro report that nobody, even Republicans, takes seriously? Gonna cost you $3 million.


  • City Hall insiders arrange meeting of old foes Baraka and Booker at Newark diner – – the best thing about it is the look on Baraka’s face.
  • Four feisty GOP foes battle for a chance to challenge Booker.


  • Tests freezing onscreen, answers disappearing, and laptop batteries dying, scared younger children undergoing long testing … PARCC pilot testing round two ramps up for round two and educators are anxious.

    Friend’s death leads Christie to underscore overdose concerns to doctors

  • Governor urges use of prescription database, but is wary of mandating it.
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